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City Jungle

Collaboration between electronic producer Terminal Sound System & Speak Percussion City Jungle explores the dramatic sound world of underground British electronica genres from the 1990’s including Drum’n’Bass, Jungle & Glitch. That many percussionists have a fascination with these genres is perhaps not surprising. When at its best, the music weaves complex webs of syncopated rhythms […]

The New York Times

“virtuosic and adventurous” 2013

Peter Neville

Peter Neville is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and was appointed Head Of Percussion there in 2000. Whilst he works across the range of musical styles he has a particular commitment to new music. As the percussionist of the ELISION Ensemble for twenty-three years, Peter has been involved with practically all […]

Partial Durations review of City Jungle

Partial Durations have written a glowing review on our MRC performance of City Jungle. To read, click here.


A performance-installation for one person at a time. Chrysalis explores the archetypal human emotions that are triggered by confined spaces. Percussionist Matthias Schack-Arnott has collaborated with Büro Architects to create a unique structure that is both a percussion instrument and an architectural micro-space. Alone and enclosed in complete darknesss, one person at a time experiences […]

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