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Pateras Percussion Portrait

  After a long and successful relationship with Anthony Pateras, Speak Percussion and Clocked Out Productions present a portrait of his extensive body of works for percussion, including two new pieces commissioned especially for this concert. Mutant Theatre Act III is the latest instalment in an ongoing collaboration between Pateras and Tomlinson (the first act […]

American Masters

The depth and diversity of 20th Century American music composition is staggering and its contribution to the genre of the percussion ensemble is second to none. From the conceptual and political West coast schools to the modernist and minimalist works of the East coast. Experience in this single concert program master percussion works from all […]

Speak & Unspoken

Speak and Unspoken, an idea conceived by American pianist Donna Coleman, was inspired by a 2004 performance of Swiss composer-percussionist Fritz Hauser’s Double Exposition presented by renowned Speak Percussion in concert at Melbourne’s BMW Edge. She imagined an aurally and visually arresting experience in which the boundaries between piano and percussion, performers and instruments, performers […]

Síppal, dobbal nádihegedüvel

  We are delighted to be giving Melbourne’s first performance of Ligeti’s only work for percussion ensemble Síppal, dobbal nádihegedüvel for mezzo voice and percussion quartet. The work, translating literally as With Pipes, Drums, Fiddles was composed in 2000 and is a song cycle on poetry by Sándor Weöres. Written towards the end of his life, […]

Pianissimo Percussion

  An intimate performance of some of the quietest and most subtle percussion works written. As direct response to Melbourne’s recent gift, the Melbourne Recital Centre, Speak Percussion are excited to be presenting this performance at the extreme of auditory experience. A series of poetic and extremely fragile works for Percussion will push the acoustic […]

Graphic Music

Catherine’s large-scale graphic scores are both visual works of art and musically fascinating. As a visual artist and composer/performer Catherine Schieve has been investigating the deep congruence of sonic and visual expression for over 25 years. This program will feature a series of four seminal works Catherine created in the 1980s. The works are also […]

Field Sever Points

  For Field Sever Points, percussive objects are suspended en masse to create elaborate kinetic systems, with the vertical movement of each suspended point programmed down to the millimeter using an electronically engineered system. Musically informed by Iannis Xenakis’ stochastic methods in which hail patterns can provide mathematical frameworks for rhythm and texture. A hovering […]

Before Nightfall #3

For the third instalment of Speak’s Before Nightfall featured guest artist Chris Corsano (USA) alongside Eugene Ughetti & Matthias Schack-Arnott. Before Nightfall is a series of new artistic encounters between Speak Percussion and invited guest artists. Each encounter will: 1. Occur across the course of a single day. 2. Culminate in a performance and a recorded release. Chris Corsano has been working at the […]



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