CIRCUIT – European Tour

Speak takes it’s electro-acoustic project to Eastern Europe & Scandinavia

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In CIRCUIT, Speak Percussion creates a surreal musical world in which the central instruments are re-purposed machines, electronic objects and antiquated technology. Reel-to-reel tape machines, fluorescent lights and sampler keyboards are used alongside a gamut of percussion instruments.

CIRCUIT features several recently commissioned works by the leading next generation of Australian composers. Shlomowitz’s Popular Contexts Vol 6 uses samples of roaring crowds, fractured techno grooves and airplane engines to create hyper-stylised musical words. Meadowcroft’s Cradles has been making waves in the international new music community for its combination of pop infused synths with revox machine antics. Pateras’s Hypnagogics dwells in the state between wakefulness and sleep, while Løffler’s ‘b’ explores the sound of flickering neon lights combined with electrical currents passing through the performer’s bodies.

Time & Venue

Presented by Arena Festival (Latvia)

7pm 3 November 2014
Imants Ziedonis Hall, Latvian National Library
More details here 

Presented by GAIDA Festival (Lithuania)

7pm 7 November 2014
Contemporary Art Festival, Vilnius
More details here 

Presented by the Norwegian Academy of Music

20 November 2014
3pm: Masterclass. 5pm Performance
Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo 

Presented by Connect Festival (Sweden)

7pm 21 November 2014
Palladium, Södergatan 15, 211 34, Malmö 
More details here


Thomas Meadowcroft   (Aus/De) - Cradles for 2 reel-to-reel tape machines, keyboard, percussion & playback devices

Simon Løffler (Denmark) - for fluorescent lights, effects pedals & a loose jack cable 

Anthony Pateras (Aus/De)  - Hypnagogics for micro sounds, crotales and tape

Matthew Shlomowitz (Aus/UK) - Popular Contexts Volume 6 for drumkit, vibraphone and sample keyboard

Additional pieces…

At GAIDA Festival (Lithuania):

Steve Reich (USA)Pendulum Music for microphones and speakers

At Connect Festival (Sweden):

Simon Løffler (Denmark)New Work for 10 fluorescent lights, loose jack cable & triangle


Artistic Director, Percussion – Eugene Ughetti

Percussion – Matthias Schack-Arnott

Percussion – Jennifer Torrence


Fluorophore Residency

 Two new percussion quartets developed with leading Danish composers


Speak has been supported by the Danish Arts Council’s DIVA Residency to undertake a 2 week residency in Copenhagen, hosted by Klang Festival. This will see Speak working with two leading Danish composers, Juliaana Hodkinson and Simon Løffler, who are both writing new percussion quartets that explore the synchronicity between sound and light.

Simon Løffler has almost completed a new work for 10 fluorescent lamps, loose jack cable and a triangle that has already won him an award at the 2014 Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt. This work will be further refined in rehearsal with Speak and then premiered at the Connect Festival (Malmø) on 21 November 2014. For info on the concert, click here.

Juliana Hodkinson will be writing a new work which takes as it’s basis the intimate sound world of matches being lit. This fragile sound world will be amplified, and augmented with theatrical undercurrents.

Residency dates

27 October – 1 November 2014


10-16 November 2014




New work exploring the microphone as sonic object


New media artist Robin Fox collaborates with Speak’s Artistic Director, Eugene Ughetti, on a major new electro-acoustic spatialised performance work. TRANSDUCER places the microphone at the centre of the creative investigation and redefines its function and potential as an expressive musical object.  Kinetic sculptures and unorthodox modes of transduction form the musical material of this virtuosic and conceptual Australian work. Presented alongside Karlheinz Stockhausen’s seminal work, MIKROPHONIE I, TRANSDUCER repurposes microphone technology to tease out the inextricable fundamentals of creating, reproducing and manipulating electronic and acoustic signal.

Time & Venue

Presented by the Arts Centre Melbourne

7.30pm Friday 1 August
Arts Centre Melbourne, Sidney Myer Music Bowl - Linlithgow Ave 

7.30pm Saturday 2 August
Arts Centre Melbourne, Sidney Myer Music Bowl - Linlithgow Ave


Presented at the Australian Performing Arts Market

2.30pm Friday 21 Febuary 2014
Conservatorium Theatre, Queensland Conservatorium

Presented by Totally Huge New Music Festival

8pm Saturday 10th August 2013
Hackett Hall Gallery, Western Australian Museum
James Street, Perth WA


Karlheinz Stockhausen: Mikrophonie I (1964)
Robin Fox & Eugene Ughetti: Transducer (2013) World Premiere


Composition & Concept: Robin Fox & Eugene Ughetti
Performers: Eugene Ughetti (Artistic Director), Matthias Schack-Arnott (Artistic Associate), Jennifer Torrence & Louise Devenish
Spatialisation & Sound Processing: Robin Fox
Sound Designer: Byron Scullin


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 Video from premiere performance




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