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Major electro-acoustic work exploring the microphone as sonic object


A collaboration between new media artist Robin Fox and Speak’s Artistic Director, Eugene Ughetti, TRANSDUCER is a major electro-acoustic spatialised performance work. TRANSDUCER places the microphone at the centre of the creative investigation and redefines its function and potential as an expressive musical object. Kinetic sculptures and unorthodox modes of transduction form the musical material of this virtuosic and conceptual Australian work. TRANSDUCER repurposes microphone technology to tease out the inextricable fundamentals of creating, reproducing and manipulating electronic and acoustic signal.


Presented by City Rectial Hall (Unashamedly Original Festival)
22 July 2017
City Recital Hall, Sydney

Presented by SIPFest
19 October 2016
Komuniatas Salihara, Jakarta

Presented by Sonica Festival
29 October 2015
Tramway, Glasgow, UK

Presented by LASALLE
23 October 2015
LASALLE, Singapore

Presented by MONA FOMA
7.30pm (TRANSDUCER) & 9.15pm (MIKROPHONIE I) 15 January 2015
PW1, Stage 2, MONA FOMA, Hobart

Presented by the Arts Centre Melbourne
7.30pm 1 & 2 August 2014
Arts Centre Melbourne, Sidney Myer Music Bowl – Linlithgow Ave

Presented at the Australian Performing Arts Market
2.30pm Friday 21 Febuary 2014
Conservatorium Theatre, Queensland Conservatorium

Presented by Totally Huge New Music Festival
8pm Saturday 10th August 2013
Hackett Hall Gallery, Western Australian Museum
James Street, Perth



Robin Fox & Eugene Ughetti: Transducer (2013) 


Composition & Concept: Robin Fox & Eugene Ughetti
Performers: Eugene Ughetti (Artistic Director), Matthias Schack-Arnott (Artistic Associate), Kaylie Melville & Louise Devenish
Spatialisation & Sound Processing: Robin Fox
Sound Designer: Byron Scullin

Production Management & Sound Engineering: Nick Roux





Large-scale kinetic percussion solo

Fluvial Horizon 4:3

Matthias Schack-Arnott performs Fluvial, a solo work for a large-scale kinetic percussion instrument. A horizon of quivering metals, glass and stone are used to create a work of shimmering textural extremes. ‘As thought provoking as it is beautiful’ (Realtime/Matthew Lorenzon), Fluvial draws its inspiration from tidal movement, currents, transformation and ritual. Informed by Matthias’ training as a classical percussionist, the work combines rigorous musical processes with an immersive installation environment. Objects are suspended en masse above an eight-meter bed of granite, metal and water. Glass bottles quiver and collide, overlapping metal tubes create glistening harmonic swells as wind chimes hover and sway over the instrument.

Time & Venue 

Presented by Arts House & Speak Percussion

13-17 May 2015

Wed – Sun 6.30pm

Fri 8.45pm, Sat 3.30pm, Sun 4pm

North Melbourne Town Hall, Arts House


Presented by Next Wave Festival in association with Speak Percussion

1-4 & 7-11 May 

North Melbourne Town Hall, Arts House


Artistic Direction, Composition, Performance Matthias Schack-Arnott
Art Technician Steve Walsh
Timber, Stone & Metal work Lucas Paine
Lighting designer Travis Hodgson


Full $30 / Conc $20 / Student $15


…slow in to dissolve…

Spatial electroacoustic works by Speak’s 2014 Emerging Artists


This year’s Emerging Artist Program focussed on three facets of contemporary music making: electro-acoustic practice, sound spatialisation & improvisation. In July, eight Emerging Artists worked under the guidance of UK composer/performer Richard Barrett, sound diffusion experts from SIAL Sound Studios and Speak Percussion to develop a program of new works. Now, we are excited to preset the startling results. This concert is FREE. Bring your friends!


Time & Venue

Presented by Speak Percussion and SIAL Sound Studios (RMIT)
7pm Saturday 20 December

The Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory 
RMIT University, Design Hub (Building 100) 
Corner of Swanston & Victoria Street, Carlton


Andrew Aronowicz – Moths

Andrew Aronowicz – Surgery

Josten Myburgh – ‘chronicle’ II

Josten Myburgh – slow in to dissolve

James Paul – MIKROS

James Paul – MAKROS


Kaylie Melville: Percussion
Therese Ng: Percussion
Thea Rossen: Percussion
James McIean: Drums
Michael McNab: Drums
Andrew Aronowicz: Composer
Josten Myburgh: Composer
James Paul: Composer


Free admission, bookings required

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Speak Percussion’s Emerging Artist Program is generously supported by Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne



CIRCUIT – European Tour

Speak takes it’s electro-acoustic project to Eastern Europe & Scandinavia

Tour photo Lo Res (4-3)

In CIRCUIT, Speak Percussion creates a surreal musical world in which the central instruments are re-purposed machines, electronic objects and antiquated technology. Reel-to-reel tape machines, fluorescent lights and sampler keyboards are used alongside a gamut of percussion instruments.

CIRCUIT features several recently commissioned works by the leading next generation of Australian composers. Shlomowitz’s Popular Contexts Vol 6 uses samples of roaring crowds, fractured techno grooves and airplane engines to create hyper-stylised musical words. Meadowcroft’s Cradles has been making waves in the international new music community for its combination of pop infused synths with revox machine antics. Pateras’s Hypnagogics dwells in the state between wakefulness and sleep, while Løffler’s ‘b’ explores the sound of flickering neon lights combined with electrical currents passing through the performer’s bodies.

Time & Venue

Presented by Arena Festival (Latvia)

7pm 3 November 2014
Imants Ziedonis Hall, Latvian National Library
More details here 

Presented by GAIDA Festival (Lithuania)

7pm 7 November 2014
Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius
More details here 

Presented by the Norwegian Academy of Music

20 November 2014
3pm: Performance. 5pm: Masterclass
Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo 

Presented by Connect Festival (Sweden)

7pm 21 November 2014
Palladium, Södergatan 15, 211 34, Malmö 
More details here


Thomas Meadowcroft   (Aus/De) - Cradles for 2 reel-to-reel tape machines, keyboard, percussion & playback devices

Simon Løffler (Denmark) - for fluorescent lights, effects pedals & a loose jack cable 

Anthony Pateras (Aus/De)  - Hypnagogics for micro sounds, crotales and tape

Matthew Shlomowitz (Aus/UK) - Popular Contexts Volume 6 for drumkit, vibraphone and sample keyboard

Additional pieces…

At GAIDA Festival (Lithuania):

Steve Reich (USA)Pendulum Music for microphones and speakers

At Connect Festival (Sweden):

Simon Løffler (Denmark)New Work for 10 fluorescent lights, loose jack cable & triangle


Artistic Director, Percussion – Eugene Ughetti

Percussion – Matthias Schack-Arnott

Percussion – Jennifer Torrence


Fluorophore Residency

 Two new percussion quartets developed with leading Danish composers


Speak has been supported by the Danish Arts Council’s DIVA Residency to undertake a 2 week residency in Copenhagen, hosted by Klang Festival. This will see Speak working with two leading Danish composers, Juliaana Hodkinson and Simon Løffler, who are both writing new percussion quartets that explore the synchronicity between sound and light.

Simon Løffler has almost completed a new work for 10 fluorescent lamps, loose jack cable and a triangle that has already won him an award at the 2014 Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt. This work will be further refined in rehearsal with Speak and then premiered at the Connect Festival (Malmø) on 21 November 2014. For info on the concert, click here.

Juliana Hodkinson will be writing a new work which takes as it’s basis the intimate sound world of matches being lit. This fragile sound world will be amplified, and augmented with theatrical undercurrents.

Residency dates

27 October – 1 November 2014


10-16 November 2014



Distant Drums

Speak’s debut performance in Hong Kong


Speak’s Hong Kong debut is presented by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. Performing solos and duos, including Lucier’s mesmerising Distant Drums, Hauser’s classic work for four cymbals and Ughetti/Schack-Arnott’s new work for gaming controllers and percussion.

Time & Venue

Presented by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

8pm 24 October 2014
2B, 3/F, Blue Box Factory Building
25 Hing Wo Street
Tin Wan, Aberdeen
Hong Kong


Alvin Lucier (USA) - Distant Drums for amplified percussion

Anthony Pateras  (Aus/De)Hypnagogics for micro instruments, crotales and tape

Thomas Meadowcroft (Aus/De) -  Cradles for reel-to-reel tape machines,

Fritz Hauser (Switzerland) - Zeichnung for four cymbals

Ughetti/Schack-Arnott (Aus) - XOOX for gaming controllers and percussion


Artistic Director, Percussion - Eugene Ughetti

Artistic Associate, Percussion - Matthias Schack-Arnott


$120 / $60 HK

Pianos Plus Percussion

An old piano decays in the former City Methodist Church in Gary, Indiana

Bartok’s Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion is one of his most exhilarating masterworks. In this collaboration between Melbourne based Speak Percussion and Adelaide based Soundstream Collective, homage is explored as a form of memory. Bartok and Tristram Cary pay tribute to J.S. Bach through their transcriptions of his music, while Paul Grabowsky and James Rushford pay homage to Bartok in festival premiere performances. A visceral performance on this dynamic combination of instruments.

Time & Venue

Presented by the Port Fairy Spring Music Festival

10am Sunday 12th October
Reardon Theatre, Port Fairy


James Rushford – Necrology*
Tristram Carey – Ricercare for two pianos (arr. From JS Bach)
Paul Grabowsky – Sacred Site II
Bela Bartok – Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion


Eugene Ughetti – Artistic Director, Percussion
Peter Neville –  Percussion

Timothy Young – Piano
Gabriella Smart – Piano


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Salihara Festival (Indonesia)

Speak takes CIRCUIT to Indonesia

Salihara cropped

Following recent performances across Victoria and Taiwan, CIRCUIT is heading to Indonesia. The Salihara Festival presents international acts such as Ensemble Modern (Germany) and Compagnie Olivier Dubois (France) alongside leading Indonesian artists.

CIRCUIT features electro-acoustic works by some of Speak’s closest collaborators. A bold and uncompromising program using fluorescent lights, reel-to-reel tape machines, samplers keyboards, effects pedals and a barrage of percussion.

Time & Venue

8pm Thursday, September 25
Galeri Salihara
Jalan Salihara 16, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta


Thomas Meadowcroft (AUS/DE) – Cradles for 2 reel-to-reel tape machines,  keyboard & playback devices

Anthony Pateras (AUS/DE) – Hypnagogics for crotales, mirco sounds & tape

Matthew Shlomowitz (AUS/UK) – Popular Contexts Volume 6 for drumkit, vibraphone and sample keyboard

Simon Løffler (Denmark) – for fluorescent lights, effects pedals & a loose jack cable


Eugene Ughetti - Artistic Director, Percussion

Matthias Schack-Arnott - Artistic Associate, Percussion

Kaylie Melville - Percussion

Travis Hodgson - Lighting Designer



Kroumata Drums

Speak Percussion teams up with the iconic Swedish percussion group Kroumata and the Australian National Academy of Music on a program of large scale works for percussion. Featuring the world premiere of a new double percussion quartet by Bent Sørensen (Denmark), alongside two Australian percussion twelvetets, Anthony Pateras’ ‘Flesh & Ghost’, a stunning work exploring massed polyphony, and Liza Lim’s haunting ‘City of Falling Angels’. Also on the program, the first Australian performance of Sandstrom’s ‘Drums’ and the grandfather of modern percussion writing, Edgar Varese’s ‘Ionisation’.

Time & Venue 

7pm 19 September 2014

South Melbourne Town Hall
210 Bank St
South Melbourne VIC


Varèse Ionisation
 City of Falling Angels
 Silence (World Premiere)
 Flesh and Ghost


Speak Percussion
Percussionists of the Australian National Academy of Music


Full $55.00
Seniors $40.00
Concession $30.00

Bookings here

CIRCUIT- Regional Tour

CIRCUIT is coming to regional Victoria with performances happening in Bendigo and Castlemaine. Speak Percussion will also be working with local schools, exploring music, technology and what happens when these elements meet.

Tour photo Lo Res (4-3)

In CIRCUIT, Speak Percussion creates a surreal musical world in which the central instruments are re-purposed machines, electronic objects and antiquated technology. Reel-to-reel tape machines, gaming controllers and sampler keyboards are used alongside a gamut of percussion instruments.

Matthew Shlomowitz (Aus) – Popular Contexts Vol 6 for vibraphone, drum set and sampler keyboard
Thomas Meadowcroft   (Aus) – Cradles for 2 tape machines and Wurlitzer E-Piano
Simon Løffler (Denmark) – b for 3 neonlights, effectpedals and a loose jack cable
Ethno Tekh/Speak Percussion (Aus)  – XOOX for live percussion and gaming controllers

8pm Wednesday 20 August
Uniting Church Hall
8-12 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine
Tickets $17/25/28

8pm Friday 22 August
Old Fire Station
View St, Bendigo
Presented by Undue Noise
Tickets $10/15 

 Speak Percussion’s regional tour is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts


Ghan Tracks

Speak Percussion & Ensemble Offspring (Syd) collaborate with Jon Rose


Speak Percussion and Sydney’s Ensemble Offspring embark on their first joint project, working with maverick composer-inventor Jon Rose in the world premiere of an artistic exploration of Australia’s iconic Ghan railway. Ghan Tracks mashes video projections and electronics with live performance on pedal powered zither, electric cement mixer, wind machine, piccolo, bass clarinet, trombone and multiple percussion, into a bizarre documentary-like spectacle. The evening kicks off to a wobbly start with a threnody of singing carpentry saws in Singularities for Saw Orchestra.

Time & Venue

Presented by Performance Space

8pm Thursday 7th, Friday 8th & Saturday 9th August


Jon Rose – Singularities for Saw Orchestra 
Jon Rose – Ghan Tracks (World premiere)


Jon Rose (conductor, new instruments)
Lamorna Nightingale (piccolo)
Jason Noble (bass clarinet)
Carolyn Johns (sousaphone)
Clayton Thomas (double bass)
Claire Edwardes (percussion)
Eugene Ughetti (Speak Percussion)
Jennifer Torrence (Speak Percussion)



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Richard Barrett Percussion Portrait

Speak works with one of the UK’s most unique voices in composition & improvisation

Barrett credit Luis Neuenhofer CROPPED

In this special once-only event, Speak Percussion and SIAL Sound Studios (RMIT) presents the work of Richard Barrett, one of the UK’s most impressive composers. Featuring the composer himself live on electronics, this tour de force is not be missed. Barrett’s visceral music is informed by science, ethics and literature, and explores the utter extremes of instrumental performance.

Richard Barrett is internationally active as both composer and improvising performer, having collaborated with many of the world’s leading performers.  He studied composition principally with Peter Wiegold, is based in Berlin and currently teaches at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague, having previously held a professorship at Brunel University in London.  His long-term collaborations include the electronic duo FURT, composing for and performing with the ELISION contemporary music group, and regular appearances with the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble.  His work as composer and performer is documented on over 25 CDs, including five discs devoted to his compositions and seven by FURT.  Recent projects include CONSTRUCTION, a two-hour work for twenty-three performers and three-dimensional sound system, premiered by Elision in November 2011.

Time & Venue

Presented by Speak Percussion and SIAL Sound Studios (RMIT)

7pm Saturday 26 July

The Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory
RMIT University, Design Hub (Building 100)
Corner of Swanston & Victoria Street, Carlton


Richard Barrett – urlicht (3 vibraphones, percussion and eight channel electronics) WORLD PREMIERE

Richard Barrett – codex XIV  (3 percussion and live electronics) WORLD PREMIERE

Richard Barrett - abglanzbeladen/auseinandergeschrieben (solo percussion)

Richard Barrett – solo electronics improvisation


Richard Barrett: Live Electronics

Eugene Ughetti: Artistic Director, Percussion

Matthias Schack-Arnott: Artistic Associate, Percussion

Peter Neville: Percussion


Concession: $15

Full: $20

To book, click here


SEAP 2014: Barrett


APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN! Click here to download yours.

Speak Percussion is excited to present this year’s Emerging Artist Program with a focus on composition, improvisation & performance within electro-acoustic music.  We have brought together a stellar team to lead this program, including members of the Spatial Informational Architecture Laboratory from RMIT University, leading British composer / improviser Richard Barrett (Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, FURT), local percussion virtuoso Peter Neville (Convener of Percussion, Australian National Academy of Music & Head of Percussion/Chair, New Music Studio, Melbourne Conservatorium Of Music) and Speak’s Artistic Director Eugene Ughetti.  

The program is open to 18-28 year old percussionists and drummers who are advanced in both notated and improvised musical contexts, as well as emerging composers with a pre existing track record of working with percussion and/or electronics.


The emerging composers will each workshop and develop 2 new electro-acoustic percussion pieces – one using conventional notation, the other structured improvisation – under the guidance of Richard Barrett and entire team of mentors.  Barrett’s own compositional practice spans complex notational methods and structured improvisation, and varies from large scale orchestral works (BBC Symphony Orchestra) to chamber ensemble pieces (ELISION Ensemble).  Lawrence Harvey and the SIAL Sound Studios team will provide the composers with expert tutelage in live sound spatialisation and audio processing techniques. Composers will be provided access to state-of-the-art technology (3 x rooms of 8-channel diffusion systems in a cube formation) which their compositions will be built around. Lawrence will deliver a series of lectures covering some of the master works of electroacoustic music with an emphasis on the percussion repertoire. They will also have the opportunity to direct their own rehearsals and receive one-on-one time with the mentors including expert advice about writing for percussion.


The participating emerging artists will take part in a series of intensive workshops on group improvisational techniques lead by Richard Barrett and Eugene Ughetti.  The workshops will focus on the creation of improvised works that move between highly structured and open-ended forms, and will allow the participants to perform alongside the mentors.


The emerging artists will be tutored in the performance of complex notated music, with a focus on the music of Richard Barrett.  Peter Neville will guide the participants on learning new notational systems and in ensemble playing. Speak Percussion will present a series of open-rehearsals of new pieces by Richard Barrett, which the emerging artists will attend. The 2014 Emerging Artist Program will culminate in the recording and performance of six new electro-acoustic works by the emerging composers on the 20th of December 2014.


WEEK 1 & 2 (14 – 25 July)
Workshops, lecture demonstrations, creative development on the new compositions and open-rehearsals of new Richard Barrett pieces by Speak Percussion.

WEEK 3 (15 – 20 December)
Rehearsals and recordings of emerging composers works. Public performance at RMIT’s Design Hub.



SIAL Sound Studios are part of the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory housed in the School of Architecture and Design at RMIT.  It is one of only a small number of international groups devoted to auditory-based research and teaching located in a school of architecture.  Students access the Studios through cross-University electives.  Postgraduate study is offered by research at Masters and PhD levels, candidates’ home disciplines include architecture, sound design, composition, acoustics, environmental management, computer science and performance.  A vertically integrated scholarship model is applied in the Studios that aligns research, teaching and cultural activities across three domains, Spatial Sound Performance and Design, Urban Soundscape Research and Design and Acoustic Design.

Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne is a member of SwissFoundations, the association of grant foundations in Switzerland, and supports projects which promote the understanding of new music and the improvement of access to, and new discovery of, technical and interpretive knowledge.  It supports young professional musicians, conductors and composers and the realisation of educational projects in the fields of visual art and music that relate to a larger context, have a long-term perspective, and promise fruitful results.  At the same time, the Foundation also promotes the understanding of these fields and contributes to imparting their importance.

How to Apply

We are now accepting applications from outstanding percussionists, drummers and composers, aged 18 – 28, who are Australian or New Zealand residents. Application requirements are listed in the application form, which can be downloaded here.

Key Dates

07 April Applications open

15 May Applications close

23 May Program Offers Distributed

30 May Closing date to accept offers

14 – 18 July Emerging Artists Program @ SIAL (Week 1)

21 – 25 July Emerging Artists Program @ SIAL (Week 2)

26 July Richard Barrett Portrait Concert @ SIAL

15 – 19 December Emerging Artists Program Rehearsals @ SIAL (Week 3)

20 December Emerging Artists Showcase Concert @ SIAL


Tapei International Percussion Convention

Speak undertakes a 4 city tour of Taiwan

Tour photo Lo Res (4-3)

Speak is excited to undertake its first tour of Taiwan, hosted by the prestigious Taipei International Percussion Convention, a festival associated with some of the world’s foremost percussion groups including Les Percussions De Strasbourg, Red Fish Blue Fish and Armadinda.

Speak will be presenting its CIRCUIT program, featuring electro-acoustic works by some of Speak’s closest collaborators. A bold and uncompromising program  using fluorescent lights, reel-to-reel tape machines, samplers keyboards, effects pedals and a barrage of percussion.

Time & Venue

Presented by the Taipei International Percussion Convention

7.30pm, 27 May 2014
National Concert Hall, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

7.30pm, 30 May 2014
Chiayi Performing Arts Center, Chiayi, Taiwan, R.O.C.

7.30pm, 31 May 2014
Performance Hall of Cultural Bureau, Hsinchu County, Taiwan, R.O.C.

2.30pm, 1 June 2014
Yuanlin Performance Hall, Changhua, Taiwan, R.O.C.


Thomas Meadowcroft (AUS/DE) – Cradles for 2 reel-to-reel tape machines,  keyboard & playback devices

Anthony Pateras (AUS/DE) – Hypnagogics for crotales, mirco sounds & tape

Matthew Shlomowitz (AUS/UK) – Popular Contexts Volume 6 for drumkit, vibraphone and sample keyboard

Simon Løffler (Denmark)b for fluorescent lights, effects pedals & a loose jack cable


Eugene Ughetti – Artistic Director, Percussion

Matthias Schack-Arnott – Artistic Associate, Percussion

Leah Scholes – Percussion

Travis Hodgson – Lighting Designer

Inuksuit & CIRCUIT

Speak Performs two programs at one of Victoria’s leading regional arts festivals













Speak Percussion launches it’s CIRCUIT project a massed outdoor audience and joins with the best emerging and professional local percussion talent to mount the first Australian regional performance of John Luther Adams’ Inuksuit.

Presented by Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival

Speak Percussion’s regional tour of CIRCUIT is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts



Fri 28 Feb, 5.30pm
Mildura Arts Centre

Sat 1 Mar, 5.00pm til Late
Feast Street Party



John Luther Adams - Inuksuit, for 9-99 percussionists

Matthew Shlomowitz (Aus) - Popular Contexts Vol 6 for vibraphone, drum set and sampler keyboard

Thomas Meadowcroft   (Aus) - Cradles for 2 tape machines and Wurlitzer E-Piano

Simon Løffler (Denmark) - b for 3 neonlights, effectpedals and a loose jack cable

Ethno Tekh/Speak Percussion (Aus)  - New work for live percussion and     gaming controllers


Performers: Eugene Ughetti (Artistic Director), Matthias Schack-Arnott (Artistic Associate), Leah Scholes



Premiere performance of Matthew Shlomowitz’s Popular Contexts Vol 6












Speak Percussion will play a central role in TECTONICS as part of the Adelaide Festival curated and conducted by Ilan Volkov. This marathon event showcases formidable composers and legendary musicians crossing the boundary between experimental and contemporary classical music.

World Premieres by Matthew Shlomowitz, James Rushford and Oren Ambarchi as well as works by Scelsi, a collaboration with Robbie Avenaim, and guest appearances with ELISION and John Zorn, and Sounstream.

Sun 9 Mar 2.30pm – 7pm
Grainger Studio

Speak Percussion w. the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Matthew Shlomowitz Listening Styles (world premiere) for Orchestra with Drum Kit.
Eugene Ughetti, Soloist

Oren Ambarchi - New Work (world premiere)
Speak Percussion, Ensemble and Oren Ambarchi Soloist.

Mon 10 Mar, 2.30pm – 11pm
Queen’s Theatre

Speak Percussion chamber works

Giacinto ScelsI Riti : I funerali d’Achille for Percussion Quartet

James Rushford Whorl Would Equal Reaches* (world premiere) for Percussion Sextet with Electronics

*commissioned generously by Lyn and Tim Edwards


Performers: Eugene Ughetti (Artistic Director), Matthias Schack-Arnott (Artistic Associate), Leah Scholes, Louise Devonish


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