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Before Nightfall #1, Speak Percussion/Ingar Zach, The Substation, Newport.

Before Nightfall #2, Speak Percussion/Tony Buck, MPvilion, Melbourne.

The Trading Routes, Speak Percussion/David Shea, Asia TOPA Festival, Melbourne Recital Centre.

Bell Curve, Speak Percussion, Darebin Arts’ Speakeasy Program, Northcote Town Hall, Melbourne.

Flurophone, Speak Percussion, Riverway Arts Centre, Townsville.

Transducer/Fluorophone, Speak Percussion, Unashamedly Original Festival, City Recital Hall, Sydney.

Assembly Operation, Speak Percussion, Arts House, Melbourne.

An Elemental Thing, Speak Percussion/Liza Lim, Transplanted Roots: Percussion Research Symposium, Brisbane.

Before Nightfall #4, Speak Percussion/Steven Schick, Contemporary Arts Precincts, Melbourne.


Tectonics, Speak Percussion/Illan Volkov/The Necks/David Shea/Eyvind Kang, Adelaide Festival.

Brutti Ma Buoni, Speak Percussion/UP, Brutalist Block Party (Assemble Papers), Melbourne. Presented by Hotel Hotel.

A Mexican Wave, Speak Percussion/Tambuco (Mexico), Canberra International Music Festival, Australian National Gallery.

Fault Traces, Speak Percussion/Matthias Schack-Arnott, The Unconformity Festival, Queenstown, Tasmania.

TRANSDUCER & Fluorophone, Speak Percussion, 2016 SIPFest, Komunitas Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Anicca, Speak Percussion/Matthias Schack-Arnott, Arts House, Melbourne.

Bell Curve, Speak Percussion, Arts House, Melbourne.



Composition Machine #1, Speak Percussion/Mark Applebaum, South Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne.

Emerging Artist Program 2015, featuring Guest Lecturer Mark Applebaum.

Fluvial, Speak Percussion/Matthias Schack-Arnott, Arts House, Melbourne.

Between Two Parts There Is An Intermission Of A Hundred Thousand Years, Speak Percussion, Metropolis New Music Festival, Melbourne.

Diplopia, Speak Percussion/Matthias Schack-Arnott, Supersense Festival, Arts Centre Melbourne.

Gloamer, Speak Percussion/Matthias Schack-Arnott, four-month sound installation at MPavillion, Melbourne.

A wave and waves, Speak Percussion/Michael Pisaro, Melbourne Festival, Melbourne.

International Tour 2015, Speak Percussion tours to Sonica Festival (Glasgow), Barbican (London), Café OTO (London), Musik Akademie Basel, Tage fur Neue Musik (Zurich).



Tectonics, Speak Percussion/Illan Volkov/Oren Amarchi/Stephen O’Malley, Adelaide Festival, Adelaide.

Fluvial, Speak Percussion/Matthias Schack-Arnott, Next Wave Festival, Arts House, Melbourne.

Circuit (Taiwan), Speak Percussion undertakes a four-city tour of Taiwan for the Taiwan International Percussion Convention.

Circuit, Speak Percussion takes it’s flagship electro-acoustic project on tour throughout regional Victoria.

Emerging Artist Program 2014, features Guest Lecturers Richard Barrett (UK), Lawrence Harvey (Director, SIAL Sound Studios) and Peter Neville (Head of Percussion, Faculty of VCA & MCM, Melbourne University).

Richard Barrett Percussion Portrait, Speak Percussion/SIAL Sound Studios, RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne.

TRANSDUCER, Speak Percussion/Robin Fox, Arts Centre Melbourne, Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

Ghan Tracks, Speak Percussion/Ensemble Offspring with Jon Rose, Carriageworks, Sydney.

Circuit (Live Broadcast), Speak Percussion live national broadcast on ABC Classic FM, Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne.

Circuit (Indonesia), Speak Percussion tours to Indonesia to perform at Salihara, Jakarta.

Circuit (Europe), Speak Percussion tours to Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Sweden.

IONISATION, Speak Percussion/Kroumata(Sweden) with students of the Australian National Academy of Music, South Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne.



USA/EURO Tour, Speak Percussion tours to Berlin, Geneva, Chicago, San Francisco & New York.

City Jungle, Speak Percussion, Metropolis New Music Festival, Melbourne.

Chrysalis, Speak Percussion/Buro Architects, SPOR Festival, Denmark.

TRANSDUCER, Speak Percussion/Robin Fox, Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth.

Schallmaschine Maximus by Fritz Hauser & Boa Baumann, Speak Percussion/Bob Becker/Ensemble XII/Synergy Percussion + guests, Basel, Switzerland.

Black of the Star, Speak Percussion/CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science/SIAL Sound Studios, Melbourne Festival, Melbourne.

Common Ground, Speak Percussion/TOPOLOGY, Brisbane Powerhouse and The Substation, Melbourne.

Australian Percussion Solos, Eugene Ughetti, Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne.



Nightclubs/Concerthalls, Speak Percussion tours regional Victoria.

The Box by Fritz Hauser, Boa Baumann & Willoh S Weilland. Presented by Speak Percussion/Chamber Made Opera/Aphids, Kew, Melbourne.

Emerging Artist Program 2012 featuring mentorships with Kroumata (Sweden), Eighth Blackbird (USA) and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

Chrysalis, Speak Percussion/Buro Architects, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne.

Inuksuit, Speak Percussion/Melbourne Symphony Orchestra/Eighth Blackbird (USA), Metropolis New Music Festival, Melbourne.

AUTOMATION, Speak Percussion/Robbie Avenaim/Ernie Althoff/Graeme Leak/Matthew Gardiner, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne.

Music by Steve Reich, Speak Percussion/Steve Reich, Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne.

Quasi Una Fantasia, Speak Percussion/Michael Kieran Harvey, Melbourne Festival, Melbourne.



Pulsars & Angels, Speak Percussion at MONA FOMA, Hobart.

Canons & Ions, Speak Percussion at MONA FOMA, Hobart.

Launch of the first national ‘Emerging Artist Program’ for young composers and percussionists featuring Guest Lecturer Thomas Meadowcroft.

Percussion Portrait: Thomas Meadowcroft, Speak Percussion/Thomas Meadowcroft, Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne.

Flesh & Ghost, Speak Percussion at Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth.

The Black of the Star, Speak Percussion at Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth.

Andrew Byrne in Profile, Speak Percussion/Astra Choir, Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne.

City Jungle, Speak Percussion/Synergy Percussion, Sydney and Melbourne.



System Building, Speak Percussion/Aphids, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China.

Exile, Speak Percussion/Chamber Made Opera/Aphids, Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne.

Pasta Percussion, Speak Percussion/Raw Materials, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, Footscray.

Surface Given Radiance, Speak Percussion at Castlemaine State Festival, Victoria.

American Percussion Music 1940-2009, Jan Williams/Speak Percussion/Synergy Percussion, Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne.

Vibraphone 1, Speak Percussion, Montsalvat, Victoria.

Vibraphone 2, Speak Percussion, Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne.

10th Anniversary Tour, Speak Percussion tours to Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne.



‘Percussion Portrait: Anthony Pateras’, Speak Percussion/Clocked Out, Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne & Queensland Music Festival, Brisbane.

‘Pianissimo Percussion’ at Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne.

‘American Masters’ at Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne.

‘Percussion Portrait: Catherine Schieve’ at Melbourne Recital Centre, Melbourne.

‘It Looks Like You Are Doing Something’, Speak Percussion/Aphids, Big West Festival, Melbourne.

‘Speak & Unspoken’, Speak Percussion/Donna Coleman/Fritz Hauser/Boa Baumann, Iwaki Auditorium, Melbourne.



‘Elliott Carter 100’, Speak Percussion/Astra Choir, Central Hall, Melbourne.



‘Song of Imprisonment’, Speak Percussion/Astra Choir, Holy Rosary Church, Kensington.

‘Swiss Australian Percussion Collectables’, Speak Percussion/JOLT + Guests tour to Zurich, Basel, Vals & Lucerne.

‘Percussion Portrait: Erik Griswold’, Speak Percussion/Clocked Out, Incinerator Gallery, Melbourne.



‘Californian Percussion’ at the New Music Machine Festival, Australian National Academy of Music.

‘Schallmachine Kleine’ with Aphids & Fritz Hauser, Federation Square, Melbourne International Arts Festival.

‘Swiss Australian Percussion Collectables’, Speak Percussion/JOLT + Guests at Liquid Architecture Festival performing in Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne.



‘Raising the Rattle’, Speak Percussion/Eugene Ughetti, Big West Festival, Yarraville.

Speak Percussion with Ensemble Bash & David Jones, BMW Edge, Melbourne.



Speak Percussion/Fritz Hauser, BMW Edge, Melbourne.



Eugene Ughetti becomes the sole Artistic Director of Speak Percussion.

Speak Percussion performs Castlemaine State Festival, Victoria.



‘Argot: A Transient Vernacular’, Speak Percussion, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne.



Debut concert for Musica Viva’s Menage series at Hamer Hall (Melbourne) by founding members and co-directors Minako Okamoto, Eugene Ughetti, Justin Marshall and Rory McDougall.




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